Build fast, launch quickly!

Offering grocers & co-op's the ability to quickly launch branded web & mobile app solutions that enable online ordering, curbside pickup, and local delivery.

Less work, more sales.

Save valuable time & money from having to hire your own app developers or web designers. At Shoppica we take on the heavy workload of getting your new site online fast, so you can concentrate on what you do best; sell quality groceries to your loyal member base!
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SEO Friendly Website

Customized look, feel, and functionality of your own online store. We adhere to high SEO standards that help increase your sites ranking within Google.

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Full Accounting & Reporting

Unlimited access to actionable reports, consumer insights, and dashboard analytics driven by real-time transactional data and site behavior.

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Branded Mobile Apps

With a branded iOS, Android, or mobile responsive web app, your members can shop products anywhere creating a more personalized shopping experience.

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Multiple Staff Accounts

We don't limit the amount of staff acounts you have, nor do we charge more in order for your staff to fulfill online orders, delivery or app purchases.

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Curbside Pickup & Delivery

Allow users to pre-buy items online, while your in-store staff can manage orders, cancelations, and refunds for curbside pick up or delivery.

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Dedicated Account Management

Weekly e-mail support, FAQ help center, and dedicated weekly calls with representative to go over performance, enhancements, and site adjustments.


“We didn't have an online presence prior to the pandemic”

Shoppica provided excellent setup and ongoing support to quickly bring our online presence to market. I would highly recommend Shoppica if your company or co-op doesn't have the personnel or operational capacity to create an online shopping site, delivery capabilities, or mobile app.

      Luke Shell , General ManagerGood Earth Food Coop company logo

Stay in the loop

Shoppica is deeply invested in our local communities and their success. We have creative writers helping to keep everyone informed of upcoming events, news, or technology updates.

It's not just about the clicks. Why?

A lot more goes into growing your grocery store than just tracking clicks. Clicks is just one measurement of many.

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Why social ROI is harder to measure

When it comes to measuring social media performance there's a long-tail follower effect that one should measure against.

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Breathing new life into a tired UI

As an average persons attention span lasts about 10-15 seconds, so does the attention span of your UI.

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Customers are lovin’ it

"Our #1 goal is to help prevent local co-op's or grocers from ever going out of business due to any non-forseeable event or pandemic. Our local Mainstreets must survive" - CEO, Gregory Binsfeld.

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